Micro managing our time and effort

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If there was a competition to find the number one excuse of all time (pun intended) it would hands down be "I don't have time". We get an invite to go somewhere or do something. A friend suggests we learn something. We get an idea for something we would like to do. Try to count the number of times something has been shut down by the excuse "I don't have time".

The obvious solution to this problem is to create a routine or schedule that makes time for all these things. But maybe there is a little truth in the excuse and you genuinely have limited time. The good news is that many things can be achieved by doing a little often. In fact you will be surprised by how effective micro managing time can be.

Let's take a look at some examples of how we can micro manage time. This principle is the same for each so we can apply the principle to anything we want.

  • You want to get fit. In particular you want to increase the number of pull ups you can do. Let's presume you have a pull up bar installed. Set an alarm on your phone for every hour on the hour. When the alarm sounds go to the pull up bar and do as many as you can to failure. You can also do the same for any exercise. Maybe you could try push ups on every even hour and situps on every odd hour. You could do a full body workout throughout the day by mixing up the exercises every hour.
  • You are learning a new language. At the start of the day you organise which content you will practice so you are not wasting time later. Set an alarm every hour and set a timer for say 5 or 10 minutes. When the alarm sounds you start the timer and practice till the timer alarm sounds.
  • You are learning the guitar. Make sure your guitar is on a stand tuned up and ready in a prominent location, maybe next to your desk or next to the TV. Set an alarm for every hour on the hour and a timer. Everytime the alarm sounds you practice your guitar for the duration of the timer.

The most important things to remember to successfully micro manage time is to be prepared. Know what you are going to be doing throughout the day. Make sure any equipment you need is easily accessed and to hand. You do not want to waste any time doing anything other than activity you want to accomplish.

If we think about the amount of time we are creating throughout the week. Say 10 minutes every hour for eight hours, say 5 days a week. That is over 6 and a half hours of exercise or practice every week. It does not matter what you are doing. Adding over 6 and a half hours of exercise or practice a week is going to substantially increase your progression.