Just today

A Book for Life

There is no crystal ball,
The future is cloudy,
If you squint you may just see,
The outline of what will be,
Like a ship in the fog,
We can only steer,
To what we think,
May lie near,
General direction is all we have.

The past is seen with clarity,
Unhelpful as it may sometimes be,
We have no sway in what we see,
We cannot control it at all,
We must just accept it in turn,
And try not to let the past burn,
For losses we must not yearn,
From mistakes we must always learn.

But what if I were to speak of today,
The time that we can control,
The time we can see without hold,
Live, love, work, play,
Do all of these things everyday,
Like stepping stones across a river,
What happens today we deliver,
One at a time they build our lives.

Everyday of the future becomes today,
A day we control and create,
Let the future come as it will,
Let the past go and be still,
Think only of today, the now,
One step at a time we lay,
Create a beautiful past,
And enjoy your future,
You are your life's creator.