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Just today
Just today (poem)
Micro managing our time and effort
Instead of accepting the excuse "I don't have time", how about we learn how to make time.
When nothing becomes too much.
Does doing nothing really put us in a state of happiness or are we really just kidding ourselves?
How we can use Mantras and trigger words/phrases.
Let's take a look how we can use mantras or trigger words to help us maintain a good productive routine.
Just how important is sleep?
Is the importance, the positive and negative effects of sleep overlooked?
Too shy or unconfident to get fit
If the thought of going to the gym puts you off. If you feel unconfident to even run in the park because of people watching. Then "A Book for Life" has something to share with you.
New Year's Resolutions - How to make them work!
Let's look into why we keep failing to keep our new year's resolutions.
A Book for Life - Blog to launch 2021
Keep an eye out for the new blog in 2021. You will find information for how to maintain a balanced life style.