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The home of the inspirational self-help book that gives you the knowledge to make change. A Book for Life is a motivational book that gives you the essential knowledge to make healthy lifestyle changes. Understand the connection and balance between your Body Mind and Self. Create a plan and follow your self care routine and become a more productive and happy person.
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Do you want to make changes so that your life becomes more productive, peaceful and happy?

We look at how the state and health of our body, mind and self can have a positive or negative effect on each other. We learn to understand what we can do to maintain a good healthy balance between them. Understanding the knowledge of how they depend on each other is a huge step in learning how to control the balance and create a more productive, peaceful and happy life.

Understand the knowledge of how they depend on each other.



We look at the Body and highlight the essential things we need to understand in order to keep our bodies looking and feeling great.

Our bodies are complex, but there are just a few things we need to understand to achieve a better lifestyle. A Book for Life focuses on these things. Having a basic understanding of how our body works will help us be mindful of how we are looking after our body and help us create a routine and plan to make the changes we want.



We look at the Mind and explore how it works and how we can use it to make our lives better.

Much of the time we are controlled by our thoughts, our minds. We need to start to control our minds and more importantly fill our minds with helpful and positive knowledge. A Book for Life looks at the things we can do to improve how we use and care for our minds.



We look at the Self. One of the things we tend to forget the most is our Self. We literally need to spend more time and effort for our Self.

A Book for Life takes a good look at our emotions. What emotions are for and how we can accept them and control them. We look at the difference between what we want and what we need. We look at our perception (the way we see things) and the perception of others and how that can affect us unnecessarily. We look at what we can do to maintain a good healthy balanced self.



We look at how we see our life. By changing the way we look at life and slowing things down we can improve our chances of success.

Life can often seem like it is passing at 100 mile per hour and because of this we forget or neglect to do the things we want and need to do to live a productive, peaceful and happy life. We look at how we can see things differently, to slow things down so we can change and do the things we need to do to live a better life.

A Book for Life explores the connection and balance between our bodies, our minds and ourselves (souls).

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Making positive changes in our lives can sometimes be hard. A way of making it easier is having a good understanding of what we are and what makes us work. If we understand how we work it makes it easier for us to create a plan to make changes. A Book for Life explores the Body, the Mind, the Self (soul) and the connection and balance between them. We identify the important things that make our Body, Mind and Self work. Easy to understand and light to read, A Book for Life helps us develop the knowledge we need to create a plan to action to make the changes we want and need. If you want to change for the better, but don’t really know where to start, read the knowledge, discover yourself and plan for a better life. A Book for Life is a book for life, you keep for life.

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"An amazing and inspirational book."

"This is an amazing and inspiring book. So wished I had read something like this when I was young. This book should be made available to every child to enable them to make good decisions and to help them realise that their life is their responsibility".

"A short clearly written book."

"A short clearly written book explaining deep issues in simple terms that we all can understand. It is written with enthusiasm which motivates the reader to follow Scott’s advice".
Emeritus Professor David Harper

"The book is a little gem."

"A way to plan improvements in your everyday life with easily understood analogies. Wisdom and practical advice for everyone to follow daily".
Maureen Harper

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